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Five Steps in overcoming your fears of succeeding as an artist




It’s hard to move forward as an artist when you have that negative voice in your head telling you your not good enough to succeed and you think that everyone else’s work is better than yours. You have to move past that negative self talk. Here’s how:

Look at the positive

Your work stands as a testament to your hard work and dedication. You went through a process of thought to create your artwork and its completion and your satisfaction of the end result is what is important. Look at what you have achieved. Be grateful for reaching your goal.

Analyze your thoughts

There are many different interpretations of a subject. You might feel that someone else’s execution of a theme or topic is better than yours. Ask yourself, why? What is it you like about that other artist’s work. Learn from that and apply it to your next painting. Someone else may easily prefer yours. It really is a matter of personal taste and opinion.

Be persistent

With each painting that you complete, you gain a better understanding of your technique and your interpretation of the subject and what you hope to achieve with that piece. If you aren’t happy with the piece, start over, change it, make it better. Walk away from it for a while, however long it takes. I once left a painting for 3 years and then picked up my brush and finished it. It takes discipline but what a wonderful feeling of pride and accomplishment you get when you finish it and are happy with the result!

Believe in yourself – We tend to be our own worst critic. It can be a good thing when it spurs you on to do better, but excessive self-criticism can work against you. Turn that voice into a positive and encouraging one. You have to believe in your self and what you are capable of. Ask yourself why you are painting, what do you hope to achieve?

Think differently

There are a million ways to draw a flower, or anything. No right or wrong. Your interpretation is yours and unique and interesting for that reason. That is what makes creativity so special. It’s personal. It’s your expression.

Dancing Poppies

Posted by on Aug 7, 2014 in Gallery | 0 comments

Dancing Poppies

I’ve always enjoyed the spring when the poppies are blooming. The flowers look like delicate paper saucers flipping this way and that with the wind on their spindly stems. SOLD.

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My July garden

Posted by on Jul 10, 2014 in Gallery | 0 comments

My July garden

I found a little inspiration for a painting from my own garden when the allium flowers were spent and the hostas were preparing their flowering. Cost: $75

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