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Posted by on Nov 23, 2022 in Gallery

2023 Calendars!

2023 Calendars!

I have to admit that the hardest part of putting together this calendar was deciding which painting images to include!

I tried to show local scenes throughout the year that many friends and family will recognize and enjoy. In several cases, I wasn’t able to display the entire original painting aiming instead to bring out a good section.

I hesitated for a while.

Many of us use our calendars on our devices….phones, tablets, and computers. Are paper hanging calendars still wanted?

Personally, I still like to have a calendar that I can write on, hang, and flip through whenever I want to see the days, months, and entire year at a glance. Plus the images make it so much more pleasing!

The reception has been wonderful and encouraging! I’ve sold out of my first 20, and have ordered a second batch.

The cost is $20 + $3 mailing for a single calendar. The mailing for 2 calendars goes up to $5.

If you’re interested in ordering let me know at

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