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CorneliaSvela2Cornelia Svela is a professional Illustrator /Artist who has been practicing her craft for over 40 years. It’s a love affair that began in her formative years.

She practices two mediums professionally: Illustrations for educational publications (such as Pearson Education) and children’s works, as well as, paintings of landscapes and cityscapes commissioned by her clients. The paintings she produces using acrylic, watercolor and oil paints.

Illustrations for Publications: Svela produces hand-drawn and watercolor sketches for a department of the Ministry of Education (in Canada). The designs she creates are visual tools that help elementary school children learn.

Beaver_gnawing_proppedNewSimilar illustrative works she designs digitally using Adobe Illustrator. They can be found in a current project she’s been hired by Pearson Education to execute. She is working on visual aids and diagrams for the book “Super You”, a publication by Pearson Education set for release in the Spring of 2015.

Commission works: Svela has been commissioned for a number of international works that she paints in acrylic, watercolor, or oil, on canvas. She also draws inspiration from customers that come to her with a desire to see a personal photo, or have an idea for a specific theme done in paint, for a wall in their home or office.

She has trained professionally but, like many artists, her true inspiration comes from the “college of life”. Many of her paintings are inspired by the beauty of the Northern Ontario landscape where she grew up. Her works often capture moments in her life that are personal to her but relatable to so many other people.

Moments like a day at home when she captured this moment of her two young boys playing in the garden. She painted this piece using watercolor. It’s of her two young boys that are now grown-ups with babies of their own.

Busy little gardeners

While many of her works can be purchased directly from her online gallery, she’s based in Canada. She currently resides in Elliot Lake, Ontario. A member of the Elliot Lake Arts Club, she exhibits locally at The Gallery at the Centre, in the Lester B. Pearson Civic Centre and does most of her work from her private studio in her home.

To see her current works for sale visit her online gallery.