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A newly published children’s book that teaches consequences



Honey Won't book cover


I’m so excited about this children’s book, written by Bonnie Gardiner, “Honey Won’t”.  Bonnie wrote this story 24 years ago when her own 2 daughters were very young.  She told me about it one day and since I was an illustrator and had young kids of my own I naturally took an interest in her story.  It was simple and yet dealt with the everyday reality of parenting young children.  Yet, the words were written in a simple manner that children would easily understand.

To sum it up, it deals with consequences and teaches a young child the results of their actions.  A child,  boy or girl learns the hard way, why we have to do the things we are told, because it really is, for their own good.

Here’s a little  preview:

Honey please stop jumping. You’ll  hurt yourself!

Scan 1


No I won’t!

Scan 2


Why  did I  bump my head?

I did the first set of sketches back then and because of the restraints of time dedicated to raising afore mentioned young children I never finished them.

24 years went by…

Recently, my life’s course changed.  I was no longer working full time and was able to devote more time to drawing and painting.   I was able to rediscover my true passion in life, of pursuing the path of an artist.  My 3 children were now having children of their own.  When Bonnie approached me and asked whether I would be interested in finishing the drawings for the book, I didn’t hesitate.  Sharing this book now, with my children and grandchildren gives me so much pleasure.  I do  hope they read it over and over again and enjoy my drawings as well.  They are simple line drawings with the intention of being coloured in too.  A little added in extra fun!

Scan 13

See Bonnie Gardiner’s work at: