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5 Good reasons why you should buy original artwork

  1. It makes you feel good.  Displaying original artwork on your walls in your home can be very satisfying for you.  If it is a piece you love you will never regret buying it.  A painting that excites and moves you can be a constant source of happiness.  It may be the colours that move you, or the subject matter, for whatever reason, a painting can arouse many good feelings.  Original artwork is one-of-a-kind, whereas reproductions are copies and there be many of them.
  2. It supports the artist.  An artist invests countless hours and in many cases, invest in costly supplies such as papers, paints, brushes and canvases to create their works.  An artist has shared a lot of heart and soul.  Show your appreciation for this particular artist’s work, and at the samoriginal artworke time insure there will be future pieces for you and others to enjoy! Dancing Poppies – Acrylic
  3. It says something about you. It’s a way of sharing something that you love with others. Nature, landscapes, animals, streetscapes, in your favorite mediums: photography, paintings, sculpture say something about you and what you like or where you’ve been.
  4. It can take you places.   A work of art can evoke fond memories of a time shared, a place in time or take you to a place you would like to go.  It can energize, excite, promote, entertain and educate. Heading to Calmer Waters – Acrylic
  5. It can be an investment.  If you shop for the best furniture you can afford why go cheap on your walls?   Original artwork will enhance your living space and your life.