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Posted by on May 21, 2020 in Gallery

Cottage Garden

Cottage Garden

There are a ton of beautiful wildflowers growing around the cottage, and in the mix are some hardy ones we have transplanted over the years from our home gardens. These spectacular irises and daylilies are among them.

6″ x 6″ framed acrylic painting set

This trio will cheer up any wall in your home or cottage. I love the yellow and purple/blue combination! Each of these sweet little paintings come framed in a black shadow box which gives a nice finished look.

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Posted by on Feb 19, 2019 in Gallery

Good Morning Estepona!

Good Morning Estepona!

This painting was inspired by the view from the balcony where I stood in the spring of 2018 when we visited Estepona, Spain.

Painting of Estepona, Spain

We arrived late the evening prior. After organizing the essentials and changing into fresh clothes we headed out to the nearby streets in search of a place to eat. This proved easy since most eateries open late for dinner in Spain. It was the eve of the May 1 holiday weekend, and the streets were full of bustling crowds of people of all ages—a mix of tourists and nationals. How exciting it all was! The next morning, I ran to the top of the apartment and looked out from the terrace to look upon this scene.

“You can see the Rock of Gibraltar on a clear day”, we were told. And there it was in the distance. The sun had not yet made its way over the square below, just kissing some of the roof tops. And just beyond I could see the ocean, the sand and the palm trees. Good morning, Estepona! We have arrived.

I was intrigued by the perspective of the buildings from where I stood. So many angles, but all pointing to the sunlit ocean and palm tree in the distance. The colours and shadows were interesting too. I played around with the oranges, creamy whites, and purple hues, changing them until I was satisfied with the end result.

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Posted by on Dec 29, 2018 in Gallery

Autumn Symphony in Northern Ontario

Autumn Symphony in Northern Ontario

Autumn is a beautiful season most anywhere in the world. Cosy sweater weather, warm drinks by the fire, and awesome coloured leaves…what’s not to like?

I may be a bit biased but here in Northern Ontario, the fall colours in the bush go absolutely crazy with crimson reds merging with the brightest yellows producing shades of orange against the grey rocks. What a show!

autumn symphony painting

The awesome splendour of fall colours in Northern Ontario

Autumn Symphony
30″ x 40″ Acrylic – SOLD

A friend of mine left a message on my Facebook page one day: “Cornelia, I need one of your paintings!”

So naturally, I called him and checked out his office space which had the most brightly painted walls I’ve ever seen. Marigold, bright yellows, reds and oranges! These guys really like fall colours.

The challenge was to paint a colourful fall scene that would compliment the colours and not get lost or overpower. Well, I have to admit, the painting looked perfect on a bright yellow wall.

I named this painting Autumn Symphony because it almost seems like the birch tree with its branches was standing like a conductor orchestrating this most magnificent symphony. If you’ve never been to Northern Ontario in the fall, you really should add it to your list of places to visit!

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Posted by on Nov 22, 2017 in Gallery

October on the Lake

October on the Lake

16″ x 20″ Acrylic – SOLD

Last October, we were blessed with some beautiful sunny days and we didn’t hesitate to take advantage of them including some family hiking, canoeing and walks down to the lake.

This was our first fall in Elliot Lake, a time I had eagerly looked forward to. It had been at least 40 years since I had experienced a northern autumn and I looked forward to the brilliant reds that we didn’t see as much in Southern Ontario. Many Elliot Lakers were disappointed in the lack of intensity and brilliance of the fall colors this year. It was blamed on the long and rainy summer and the warm fall weather that didn’t include the usual amount of frosty mornings and cool overnight temperatures.

Despite that, the fall was a wonderful time, and we can’t be happier in our new home in Elliot Lake.

I’ve been happily rediscovering this lovely city and the natural beauty that surrounds it. I think growing up here, I took so much of its beauty for granted. I plan to continue exploring all the area has to offer.

I’m excited too, to be showing this painting and offering it for sale in the Elliot Lake Arts Club Annual Christmas Show & Sale, along with my blank note cards. It’s just the beginning. Stay tuned for more!


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Posted by on Mar 12, 2017 in Gallery

Girl on the Beach

Girl on the Beach

There is a really cute, smart, funny, adorable little girl and her name is Klara. I am so lucky to be her grandmother. Klara is really lucky too because she has 2 awesome parents who love to travel. So Klara has visited more countries in her 3 young years than many adults have in their entire lives.

16 x 20 Acrylic painting Girl on the Beach

16 x 20

In this painting, she is standing in a weathered old wooden boat along the shore of a beach in Greece.

She was only 2 at the time, though I’ve captured an older Klara in my painting. She has the brightest smile and eyes that twinkle and light up the world.

I must confess that I painted her face at least 8 times before I was satisfied that it was Klara. There were times when I considered giving up. But a dedicated artist does not give up.

Portraits are a true test for an artist. You have to capture what you see, so there is an amazing amount of concentration. And the ultimate thrill when you’re successful!

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